About Me!


Hi, my name is Keya and I’m 25 years old ! I started The Doodle Soup as a hobby but it has now become such an important part of my life that I can’t imagine not doing it. I am currently studying to become an Actuary (read: Math Nerd) and have a bachelor’s degree in the Financial Markets. It seems odd that with a strong academics and numbers background like mine, I’d venture into a creative field but most people don’t understand that math is art, too! It’s a beautiful combination of numbers and equations elegantly combined to better understand the universe. Isn’t that the purpose of art as well?


I started The Doodle Soup in October 2015 and it’s grown and grown into a wonderful family of love and communication. My purpose here is to provide you with gifts that YOU want and customize items so detailed, it’s completely unique to just one individual in the world (Imagine that!) without burning a hole in your wallets!


I am learning from my mistakes and we’re a small scale venture so I apologize for inconveniences from my end, but I guarantee that you will feel the warmth & positive vibes I put into my merchandise.


Have a GREAT day today and big hugs from me and everyone in my team – right from the person who sources my raw materials to the delivery personnel who make sure your products reach you safely and on time!