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After 4 long years and several articles, I still pinch myself everytime somebody wants to feature my work. Thank you for being so kind!

Winner of Top 150 Women Entrepreneur award, 2019. 

Great Companies along with Sewak Jatha Dadar and Punjab & Maharashtra Co-Operative Bank Ltd (Women Award)

Interview for Great Companies

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“You make the time for what you want to do, the rest are all excuses. When you really feel passionate about something, however simple it might seem at the beginning, it can really be a viable business. Never think your idea is too small or insignificant because well, I’ve made an entire business on doodling! If I can do it, so can you!”

Featured by Grazia India

Grazia India

Featured on Humans of Design by The Design Bay

(Humans of Design Post)

Humans of Design

“I urge you to reach out to your favourite artist on Instagram or Facebook today and just tell them how much you like their work. You have no idea how much sunshine it spreads!!”

The Guide, Mid-day

Designed a “new emoji” for an article on World Emoji Day (World Emoji Day)

“I designed this because its relevance today cannot be overstated. The articles floating online have no credible sources and can be manufactured by a layman to push propaganda. It would be a quick and effective way to point out all the trash being circulated over the web. There are enough of tropical fish and time emojis, so it is time to bring in some real useful and hilarious ones,”  she elaborates.

Interview for The Deccan

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Deccan 2


As they say, the devil is in the detail and the young artist believes in keeping everything simple, yet highly detail-oriented. “My design philosophy revolves around the idea of simplicity and something that’s easily relatable.”

Maharashtra Times: Regional Newspaper Feature for Women’s Day

women's day

Media Students E-Magazine ‘Scribbles’ Cover Page Featured Article

Magazine- Scribbles

A 20-year-old girl, with dreams of turning her room into a pretty Pinterest-like room
depicting her love for her favourite TV shows and books, happened to somehow stumble upon doodling to fulfill her wish. However, little did she know that she was working on a prospective business opportunity. That’s Keya Shah for you. A study bug, who, in her own words, was ‘not good at art at all’, ended up becoming the entrepreneur of a customised gifting business based on doodles.

Featured on The Channel 46: Vocal for Local women entrepreneurs

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The idea for the birth of this venture was that everyone is continuously looking for unique gift options, and a personalised touch is an added bonus. Now, there are hundreds of websites that will put your name on a mug but there aren’t as many that can fit years of memories into quirky doodles that capture the real essence of your relationship.

Featured on The Creatyst

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Blog Review: ThatBookNerdYouKnow

She is wonderful to talk to and you’ll immediately like her. I know I do. And after I had posted tons of pictures with her stamps, she asked me for AN HONEST REVIEW. So here it is, 

Keya, What you do is wonderful. Your doodles are beautiful And I am sure there is no one out there who won’t like them. A 10000/5 maybe?

Interview: BookedForLife

“The day I released the Bibliophile mug, there was a frenzy. It was heartwarming but it also made me extremely nervous to see 100+ messages inquiring about the same! The literary themed products (especially the general Bibliophile Mug and the library stamps) come straight from my heart.”

Featured: LBB, Mumbai

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Stop gifting the same old lifeless presents to your friends {or nothing at all}. Think of something personalized and have it done, from The Doodle Soup.

Featured: TheCulinaryCarousel

culinary carousel

Featured in Gifts for Bookworms Article: TheBookWitchofHogwarts

Personalized Stamps  

Book hoarders like to keep their books named and signed. Just to announce that “They are my books!” Why not give a stamp to leave their signature?

Blog Feature: AbrolRambles