Personalized Gifting

To place an order for a personalized product please email me or get in touch with me on Facebook/Instagram/Whatsapp and we can take it from there.🌷

  • Pet Frames 6×6″ : Rs. 499
  • Custom Notebooks: Rs. 549
  • Baby Information Frame 8×8: Rs. 599
  • Custom Mugs: Rs. 999
  • Custom Playing Cards Deck: Rs. 999
  • Custom Frames 8×8″ : Rs. 1249
  • Custom Frames 10×10″ : Rs. 1499
  • Custom Badges: Min: 15-20 Rs. 50 (+shipping).

* Rubber stamps are all customised. The ones from here are Rs. 399. For a completely new design, it’ll be Rs. 599. Get your couple portrait illustration made as a stamp for just Rs. 599!

What do I need from the customer for a custom product?

  • – 15-20 items for a NOTEBOOK
  • – 15-20 items for MUGS
  • – 15-20 items for a 8×8″ FRAME
  • – 20-25 items for a 10×10″ FRAME
  • – 10-15 items for PLAYING CARDS

What should the list look like?

This list can include anything and everything about the person you wish to gift. E.g. Their name, profession, hobbies, personality traits, things they often say, memories, likes, dislikes, important dates – anything at all!

The final list I receive should look like this (example):

  1. Name
  2. Her birthday is on _____
  3. Her favourite food is pizza
  4. She is a CA by profession. Qualified on 1st attempt.
  5. Often says ” ____ “
  6. Memory: Got drunk in Goa together
  7. Hobby: Loves to do Yoga
  8. ____ is her favourite movie
  9. Absolutely hates surprises
  10. Has a pet dog named ______

and so on.

Include the most important things at the top. Once I receive a list from you, I can convert it into doodles! I cannot guarantee including the entire list, I will push in as much as I can. I do show you a draft before printing onto product and make small changes in case I’ve misinterpreted a concept. Maximum 3 doodles will be replaced. However no changes in terms of layout will be made.


  • Notebook: Rs. 899
  • Mug: Rs. 1350
  • Frame 10×10: Rs. 1749